Support for gifted and talented students

We have increased the range of opportunities for gifted learners to experience success and wellbeing.

The Gifted Education Package builds on their strengths and aspirations, and enables them to get better support, in and out of the classroom.

An overview of the package, with links to more information follows:

  • One-day schools for gifted learners. New Government funding for one-day schools will enable more gifted learners to attend, and benefit from this different type of learning with like-minded peers. Applications are open now and close end of February. Contact to apply.
  • Awards for school-aged learners (or groups of learners) who are gifted or have exceptional abilities to extend and challenge their learning and support their wellbeing. There will be two rounds of awards each year aimed at challenging and extending gifted students. Applications open 27 February and close 24 March. More information can be found on the Gifted website or email
  • A programme of experiences, events and opportunities. Details of the new programme will be announced in late March or early April. Check the Gifted website for information.
  • Additional guidance for teachers and kaiako to help them recognise and support gifted learners. This will be released late February. Check the Gifted website for more information.
  • Expansion of online modules which enable gifted learners to learn alongside like-minded peers. Contact to apply.

Gifted learners — Tukuna kia rere

Gifted learners and notions of giftedness are diverse, both within and across cultures. Gifted children can be found in any family and in almost any classroom. Gifted children may need additional support to reach their full potential.

If you think your very young child might be gifted, you can read about how you can support your child, and get in touch with organisations that can support you in the early learning section.

Gifted very young children

The primary school section provides information for gifted school aged children.

Support for gifted students

More detailed information, and Gifted and Talented Students: Meeting Their Needs in New Zealand Schools, can be found on the Gifted website.

Gifted Learners — Tukuna kia rere


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